"The personalized patient booklets are absolutely great! We are always proud to hand them out to patients and referring dentists because they look very professional and are customized exactly the way we want. Patients and parents really appreciate leaving with printed material which answers their most common questions and even some questions they might not have thought of during the consultation."

Dr. Olivier Quintin
Laval, Quebec

"I am extremely happy with the work OREC has done for me, especially with the Smiles With Style brochure. The brochure is a tremendous hit with my patients and referring doctors, providing lots of useful information about orthodontic treatment and my practice as well. I will be using this brochure for many years to come."

Dr. Zachary Ehrmantrout
Lacey, Washington

"When patients leave our practice after the first visit, it is crucial for patients to leave with all their present and future questions answered and in the right frame of mind to decide to return and start treatment. OREC's personalized book is an important part of this process. OREC's personalized books help reduce the number of follow up questions to front office staff after patient first visits without compromising patient care."

Dr. Jim Griffin
Dublin, Ireland

"We distributed the personalized books to a local private school – wow, what a great response! Parents and teachers enjoyed reading about the doctor and orthodontics at the same time."

Drs. Kevorkian & Alexandrian
Proter Ranch, California


Our Books – Your Practice

Looking for ways to make your practice stand out even more? OREC's personalized orthodontic books are a great way take advantage of our high-end marketing materials while making them your own. Your logo and name will be on the cover with your photo, biographical sketch etc., on the inside. Edit copy to reflect your own techniques, and upload photographs to suit your own needs. Even add a QR code to the back cover for easy access to your website.

How It Works

  1. We'll interview you to learn more about your practice.
  2. Together we'll choose the best layout for your personalized book.
  3. We'll have you send us your logo, name(s), picture(s), biographical text and any other information to be included in your personalized book.
  4. We'll create the layout and send you a proof to approve.
  5. Once approved we'll print and mail your personalized books to you.

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