"These new Patient Booklets are the most professionally produced booklets we've ever seen. They do a terrific job of preparing our patients for treatment by answering their most common questions. As a result, our patients are much better educated and have a far better understanding (and appreciation) of the treatments we provide."

Drs. R.G. "Wick" and Moody Alexander
Arlington, Texas


Patient Education

All of our books are great for:

  • Including in New Patient Information Packets
  • Giving to all referral sources (dentists, current patients, pediatricians, beauticians, etc.)
  • Displaying in waiting rooms
  • Mailing to all patients on recall
  • Including in school visit handouts
  • Distributing at Health Fairs

One Step Further: Personalized Books

Personalized books are customized with doctor photo, bio, address, phone, website, QR Code and practice information. They are an excellent marketing and patient education tool. See additional information in the Personalized Books section of our website.

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