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"For some time now our office has been using high quality, extremely professional direct mail pieces designed by OREC for educating the general public about the benefits of orthodontics in general, and the benefits of receiving care in our office. I was initially concerned about us getting a reputation of being 'advertising' orthodontists. These fears have turned out to be unfounded as patients, referrals, and the general public have all been very complimentary about them."

"I was also concerned about cost effectiveness or return on investment. I am happy to state that the direct mail pieces are the third most common reason given for seeking care at our office after dental referral and existing patient recommendations. I would add that there seems to be an added effect that we have experienced over time. It seems that the repetition of our message (we do four mailings per year) has created a momentum that increases the number of new patients who call us each month from this source. I would highly recommend that any doctor seeking new sources of patient starts consider the OREC direct mail program."

Dr. Terry Sellke
Grayslake, Illinois


Cross Media Marketing Program

ORECconnects is the equivalent of direct mail on steroids. It is a new Orthodontic Marketing Program designed to bridge the gap between printed and online communications.

How can ORECconnects Help My Practice?

With the proliferation of smartphones and online social networking, ORECconnects provides a simple, effective method of establishing a target client base and connecting with them on relevant media channels. It's no longer a one-dimensional marketing effort. Interested prospects will have all the tools they'll need to learn about your practice, request an appointment or follow-up information, and refer new patients. You'll be able to maintain an evolving database of potential clients, with the ability to track results and adjust your messaging for maximum ROI.

How does ORECconnects Work?

First, we develop a database from the results of your Demographic Analysis (link). This database is the foundation upon which your campaign will be built. It contains all relevant information about your target recipients, as well as the campaign variables necessary to create all visual and interactive components.

A personalized direct mail piece will be the first connection between you and your clients. This is typically an oversized postcard featuring personalized imagery and text, in addition to a unique QR code and link to a personalized website (PURL). The QR code, when scanned using a smart phone, directs recipients to their individual PURLs, which can be used to showcase a video, educate clients about your practice, and/or display a special offer (such as a free orthodontic examination or treatment discount).

PURLs are built to function as a relevant and measurable means of engaging potential clients, whether your goal is to gather information or simply increase awareness of your practice. A PURL is completely customizable, allowing you to adjust messaging to target specific groups of recipients. PURLs can be comprised of several pages or one basic landing page.

On the back end, all PURL activity is tracked per recipient, which means you'll know who is participating in the campaign and when. ORECconnects is intended to integrate with any cross media and social media marketing you already have in place; links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages will be on every PURL page.

In addition to the PURLs, OREC will create a QR Code linking to a Generic URL (GURL) that can be placed on business cards, orthodontic books, etc. Additionally, this link can be added to your website and social media sites. Anyone who follows it will be taken to the GURL, which is essentially a non-personalized copy of the PURL. A simple web form on this page will allow visitors to 'opt-in' to the program, giving them the same experience as someone who was part of the original mailing.

For a more detailed, visual representation of how OREC-connects works click here to view the ORECconnects flow chart.

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